Conciergerie Airbnb Fondateur de BnbLord, je réponds ici à différentes questions qui nous sont posés sur ce nouveau métier ! C’est quoi une conciergerie Airbnb ? Une conciergerie Airbnb est un intermédiaire qui s’occupe de la gestion de locations saisonnières pour le compte d’un propriétaire : accueil, ménage, check-out, création des annonces communication avec les voyageurs… On parle de conciergerie Airbnb alors qu’il conviendrait de parler de conciergeries court-séjour, conciergerie courte-durée ou de conciergerie 2.0 pour qualifier nos métiers. En effet, pour la plupart, nous ne louons…Continue Reading “(Français) La Conciergerie Airbnb : pour qui, pourquoi, comment ?”

Airbnb Assistance


Contact Airbnb on the phone

  • I have an emergency and I cannot accommodate my guests – they need a last minute accomodation
  • I am a guest and I cannot contact my host – I arrive tomorrow.
  • I need Airbnb to help me to manage a conflict with my host/guest

In brief,

I need to contact Airbnb.

The UK support for Airbnb is available on the phone, usually between 9am and 10pm but the number is not always easy to find on their website. The Airbnb contact number is :0203 318 1111. If you are calling from abroad, do not forget the country indicator +44 : +44 203 318 1111.

No one is picking up ? Call the US Airbnb contact number :  +1 855424 72 62. Somebody will take your call shortly. 

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People see first only two things in their search results for : its main picture and its title. This says how important your title is, it characterizes your listing and it is one of the first thing people will see about you. Imagine that Chanel slogan was “I am worth it because…” instead of “because I’m worth it”, how much would the company be worth today with such a slogan ?  When it comes to titles, write them short as if they were slogans. On Airbnb it is…Continue Reading “Close to the Beach, Very Far From the Usual”